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Asian fusion sushi restaurant in Westchester Square.


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Absolutely love love love the food and they're really efficient. I ate here Wednesday for the first time and great service and food. So far I've tried the BBQ ribs , Hawaiian steak,shrimp and avocado roll cucumber and avocado roll, and chicken teriyaki. I give this place a 10+ ugh I'm actually debating whether or not to order again from here today but that would be 3 times this week and that's too excessive!


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The rolls were beautiful, but they fell apart a little bit. This was probably due to the packaging and not because anything was wrong with the preparation. The sauces were sealed nice and tightly, and everything was clean, fresh, and delicious. I will DEFINITELY be ordering delivery with them again.


Top Reviewer
I've ordered from here many times in the past and the food has always been consistently good. Thr only thing is they are a bit on the pricier side and their portions are small.


Top Reviewer
Poor delivery guy ran out into the pouring rain to bring my order from his car to my front door. Everything was awesome, quality food as always.


Top Reviewer
Best Chinese food in the BRONX BY FAR!!!! No comparison anywhere! Excellent service and even better taste, not salty like most Chinese food

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Kai Sushi Asian Fusion Reviews on Seamless


Top Reviewer
Kai is always outstanding. Next time, however, I will ask for extra sauce in the tofu teriyaki. I guess because it has time to cool down and get a little soggy from steam in the packaging, the sauce seemed a little thin and watery. That is nobody's fault of course. Food is never the same in a sealed container as opposed to fresh on the plate in the restaurant. So next time, to combat this, I will ask for additional sauce. The overall flavors and freshness are always perfect too. Great job!


1 review
I appreciated the delivery man walking my food all the way up to my apartment. I was totally disabled and on crutches with a toddler at home. I did have to wait a little longer for him to find parking, but it was worth not having to go all the way downstairs to the lobby and risk a fall or my toddler running away from me.


1 review
My food was delivered in less time than the time allotted and surprised me, it was hot and delicious. surprisingly I like in an apartment complex, yet the driver not only called but came upstairs to my apartment. great food , great service. thank you Kai


1 review
Timely and responsive. I wanted my food delivered, but I mistakenly checked out as pick-up. I called the restaurant and they accommodated my request without hesitation. Greatly appreciate their service, and the food is good.


4 reviews
Fresh sushi, bomb spring rolls. I love how the make their miso soup a bit more flavorful than other Japanese restaurants. The shrimp fried rice is so fresh and delicious

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